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Event codes for custom path

Event management

Events are tracked by calling the pixel’s wph('track') function with the event name anda dictionary parameters. The function can be called anywhere between <body> and </body> tags.

EVENT_NAME - name of the available events (e.g. Conversion)

Properties object - dictionary of parameters for a given event

// ... //  
wph('track',  'EVENT_NAME',  {key1: "value1", key2: "value2"});
// ... //  

The content_name dictionary for ViewContent events

Industry Content_name Description
General View All pages
ProductList Product list page
ViewProduct Page with specific product
LandingPage Landing page that users get from advertising activities
InputForm Page with a form to be completed
Register Page with a registration form
Login Page before user logs in
Configurator Page with a car configurator
Preconfigurator Advertising format leading to the configurator
TestDrive Page with a test drive form
Game Game page

The content_name dictionary for Conversion events

Industry Content_name Description
General Lead Thank you page with thanks for the conversion or page with confirmation of sending a form
General Newsletter Page after signing up for the newsletter
General Download Downloading an attachment from a page
General AppDownload Downloading a mobile application
General RegisterEnd Page after completing a registration form
General LoginEnd Page after user login
General Appointment Page after making an appointment
General Reservation Page after making a reservation
General TrialPeriod Page after signing up for a trial period
General Webinar Page after signing up for the webinar
Automotive PriceList Downloading the price list of a given vehicle
Automotive TestDriveTYP Registration for a test drive
Automotive ConfiguratorTYP Completion of the vehicle configurator
Financial PositiveVerification Page after passing a positive verification
Financial InsuranceQuote Page containing the determination of the insurance quotation

Examples of embedding event codes for a custom conversion path


    wph('track', 'ViewContent', { 'content_name': 'LandingPage' })


    wph('track', 'ViewContent', { 'content_name': 'InputForm' })


wph('track', 'Conversion', { 'content_name': 'Lead' })


wph('track', 'Conversion', { 'content_name': 'PriceList',
contents: [{model: 'CAR MODEL', id: 'PRODUCT_ID1'}] })