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Implementation methods

There are three paths available to deploy WP Pixel codes:

Implementation of WP Pixel codes with the support of Wirtualna Polska

WP Pixel can be implemented with the help of our technical department. Implementation with this method consists of two stages:

  1. Client places a basic WP Pixel embed script on each page of the website. We recommend implementing the embed script below in the <head> section.
            !function(w,p,e,v,n,t,s){w['WphTrackObject'] = n;
            w[n] = window[n] || function() {(w[n].queue=w[n].queue||[]).push(arguments)},
            w[n].l = 1 * new Date(), t=p.createElement(e), s=p.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],
            '', 'wph');
            wph('init', 'PIXEL_ID', ADDITIONAL_PARAMETERS);
  2. Contact your Customer Service Representative or WP Ads Support ( to submit a request for further implementation of the code by the Wirtualna Polska technical department, which will complete remaining scripting process.

Implementation of WP Pixel codes on the client side

  1. You must implement the embed script in the <head> section.
  2. Then implement the required event codes on the website:
    e-commerce industry
    non e-commerce industry

Integration with the e-commerce platform

WP Pixel codes can also be implemented via integration with e-commerce platforms:
List of available integrations and instructions for their implementation